Langtang Valley Region Trekking

Langtang Valley Region Trekking is easily accessible as it is basically dead north of Kathmandu. Kathmandu sits comfortably in a valley at 4,593 ft (1,400 m) but by contrast, the summit of Langtang Lirung sits at 23,772 ft (7,246m).

Of course Langtang Region Trekking max’s out at just 17,000 ft (5,200 m). This is still enough to tempt even a seasoned trekker and altitude sickness can come into play.

Ganja La Pass Trek

ganja la pass trek - altitude sickness image

13 day Ganja La Pass offers an opportunity to explore small peaks and to visit glaciers at comfortably low elevations.

Langtang Valley Trek

langtang valley trek image - langtang valley region trekking

The 8 day Langtang Valley Trek is easiest and shortest trekking site located in Langtang Region. Perfect for those without much experience.