Krishna B. Pariyar

Managing Director
Krishna B. Pariyar

Krishna B. Pariyar, founder, M.D., and CEO of Ammonite Adventure & Treks Pvt. Ltd., is a passionate entrepreneur from the Himalayan Gorkha district. Growing up in the Himalayas, he worked as a porter to support his studies and eventually became the sole breadwinner of his family at the age of 16. 

Despite being from a marginalized community struggling financially, he successfully completed SLC and +2 certifications from Kathmandu that taught him a hard lesson on the value of money, making him thrive even harder than ever working as a porter for over 5-7 trekking agencies.

This experience led him to pursue a career in Nepalese tourism, and he officially obtained a guide license under the training provided by the Nepal Academy of Hotel Management. Then he embarked on a 10-year journey as a mountain guide, climbing popular peaks like Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, and Ama Dablam.

After serving as a tour operator for two years, he became the managing director of Ammonite Adventure and Treks Pvt. Ltd. in 2012. Over the past 12 years, he has organized pilgrimage tours in Nepal for tourists from around the world, with at least 15-20 mountainous terrain-trained guides and a few porters in the team.

Social Initiative

Krishna B. Pariyar is an executive member of the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and holds authoritative posts in various organizations in Nepal, along with being an active participant in numerous tourist helping programs such as first aid (FNCCI USAID) and several skillful trainings flying across the globe. 

Furthermore, Mr. Pariyar, as an M.D. of Ammonite Adventure & Treks Pvt. Ltd., is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions of the Nepalese minorities while advocating sustainable and carbon-free tourism in Nepal to conserve the fragile Himalayan ecosystem.

He is sure that his 17–19 years of experience and the enthusiastic youth team of Nepal will be the ones to provide much-needed worldwide exposure to Nepalese tourism, where he finds himself an excited and responsible figure for the upcoming history of tourism in the country. 

Some Words by Krishna Bahadur Pariyar

Born and brought up in the heart of Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, and Mt. Annapurna in the remote village of Nepal with an endless chain of hills and mountains and the pristine beauty of mother nature, I have always been inspired by how Nepal has something new to offer and discover for its lovers. 

I believe the true beauty of Nepal is its multilingual community belonging to different castes and being born in a minor group of the country myself, whose whole family faced caste discrimination in early childhood. I aspire to be a helping hand to uplift the living standard of marginalized people in the country like me through skills and independence, and I invite all the trekkers and adventurers across the world to be a part of this movement by choosing your journey with Ammonite Adventure &Treks Pvt. Ltd., the majority of whom belong to one of the minor communities of Nepal. 

However, I am equally respectful and proud of youngsters from all different communities as well who have been providing a boastful edge to Ammonite Adventure & Treks Pvt. Ltd. in the competitive market of tourism over the years as professional guides, some of whom have even started managing their own travel and trekking company, which always puts me in a smile and warmth about how much we have grown.